AZ Tobacco Education and Prevention
"What are you wasting?"
This is a fully integrated campaign we did for Arizona Health Services which revolves around "Nick" and how he goes about quitting smoking. The TV and radio basically take brief visits into his life over a year and how he goes from "wasting his time smoking" to "hitting the 6 month mark" to "being better at not smoking than smoking". 
The print springboards off the TV where Nick claims all the things he's wasting by smoking. The campaign successfully received 200% more phone calls to the 1-800 number than the previous campaign and almost made my aunt put down the pack. Don't worry, we're still working on her.
TV Campaign
Outside the Box
ONLINE: The website, features areas where "quitters" or wanna be "quitters" can estimate how much they've wasted over a month, year, 5 years etc, based on how much they smoke. We're talking money, health and time. Three pretty vital things in all our lives. Though the site never made it live, it still could.

GUERILLA: We also thought of placing our own public ashtrays around populated smoking areas featuring options like a coin slot, finger clip heart rate monitor and a timer which calculates how much time you throw away a week, month or year smoking.
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