Branding video creating awareness for the leading family genealogy site
One thing we all have in common is hidden treasure spread all around the world - also known as family. This was an incredible opportunity that came directly to me from the client at, and having a diverse background, it was a project I could certainly relate to. 
Our goal was to create a fun, imaginative way to express how special it is for families to either reconnect or learn about past relatives. I told a story about a young woman who began a journey reflecting on old family photos and ended up discovering a hidden treasure's worth of family history she never knew existed. I even squeezed in some of my own family history including my grandfather's Jack Kille's days flying his P-38 Lightening, my distant cousins' the “The Flying Gaonas” a male/female arial circus performing group and my sister Sylvia is the young woman featured, but unfortunately don't think the Gaonas made the cut. has a rich history of connecting lost family members back together which I related to literally striking gold. The site is packed full of articles, newspaper clippings and photos dating back decades and decades, which really give users an authentic perspective of who they are and have become today. Everyone has that big hidden treasure chest of family out there, and has the map to take you to it. 
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