Telling stories through screenwriting has always been a passion for me. Years ago I wrote a feature film entitled, "My Brother's Keeper", which is a suspense/drama about a young carpenter who poses as his genius younger brother who's in his final semester at Princeton, but just in a near fatal car wreck. Sounds intense, I know!  
Within the last few years I've written mostly comedy in the forms or sketches, short films, jokes, a series pilot and more. Even advanced my skills by taking writing classes at both Second City and Improv Olympic here in Chicago. Not to mention completing the Second City Training Center Improv program which I highly recommend to everyone.  
Here's some titles I've written over the years, so if something sounds intriguing, just email me at and I'll shoot it your way.  

Writing Samples
My Brothers Keeper - feature script - writer 
The New Place - produced short film - writer, producer, director
The Dumb Bum - produced short film - writer, producer, director
The Handlers - produced short film - co-writer
The Handlers 2 - produced short - co-writer 
The Hopeless Inventor - short - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL Cold Open & Monologue  - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL sketch - The Wolverine of Wall Street - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL sketch - Storage Wars - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL sketch - Daylight Savings Date - writer
Improv Olympic - SNL digital short - World Playground Games - writer
Improv Olympic - spec script (Family Guy) - "Bad Dog Dating App" - writer 
Second City - various sketches - writer 
What's So Scary? - produced short film - writer/producer 
Scott Free - pilot episode - writer 

Short film
Logline:          "When 5 friends share what scares them the most, one has the most unexpected answer."
Ghosts? The supernatural? Or not getting your taxes paid in time? Everyone has something that frightens them a bit, however we won't know unless we ask. That's the setting for this unsuspecting short film I wrote/produced and you'll never guess what scares this group of friends. 

Pilot reading - Scott Free
Logline -“To make up for unpaid time, freelance copywriter Scott Bryant finds interesting ways to even things out.” 
That’s the idea. Pretty cool huh? Ever think you want something but just can’t have it? That’s what Scott Bryant thought however he went out and got it. Follow along on his quest for getting what he deserves, without the cost, in my pilot episode staged reading of “Scott Free”.
SNL packet

Here's a couple samples from my Improv Olympic SNL sketch writing class which poke a little fun at my career. Enjoy. 

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