Working as the lead writer for one of the largest no-contract wireless providers in the country for 2+ years is a challenge. But it's worth it when your client goes from the 8th largest wireless carrier to the 7th, as a result of your blood, sweat and tears. Cricket's come a long way from "So Smart. So Cricket." to our campaign of "Cricket. Your Call" which is really what they're all about. Giving you that option to get more out of your wireless plan with unlimited music, lower rates, no contracts and more. Here's a taste of what I've contributed. 
The big idea of this campaign gave people the power to choose an inconvenient wireless plan "OR" a wireless plan that fits their lifestyle along with something extra. Like free music or and no contracts. Giving people a great option like that, makes every call much easier. 
TV Spot "Your Call" Campaign - Monkeys
TV Spot "Your Call" Campaign - Holiday
Print "Your Call" Campaign
Banner Ad "Your Call" Campaign
Print ad for a sponsorship with Chicago Bears (also did some radio spots with a few of the players including Anthony Adams, Earl Bennet & Lance Louis)

In-store Video introducing 4G LTE
The "Your Call" campaign's next step was to encourage smartphone shoppers that they could potentially get exactly what they need, want and love from Cricket. These spots display in a virtual but relatable world how much our smartphones can show us and be able to access a variety of options. Unlimited everything from Cricket gives you more options, so nobody, nohow can stand in the way of getting it all. Well, you know, to a certain extent..
TV spot "Need Want Love" Campaign - Need It Want It Get It
TV spot "Need Want Love" Campaign - The Most of Everything
Wrote a TON of radio for Cricket including a landslide of talking points backing each promotion. Here's a few favs. Enjoy. 
Radio: Vital Words
Radio: Minnesota Nice
Radio: Celebration

Probably one our coolest outdoor billboards we did for Cricket's unlimited music feature. 
Outdoor "Your Call" Campaign
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