Just in the past year of 2020, I wrote over 100 video/audio scripts for my very own clients big and small including sports enthusiast club Olympeak, attorney search firm Taphurt, LandStar telecom, M4Media, Wilton Strut-Cutter, Powermatic and yes, an Australian bidet. Their main challenge being, "how can we market bidets to Americans?". I accepted the challenge and Bidetmate's first targeting effort appealing to young men which was a fun, competitive story featuring the benefits, ease and savings to a bidet (toilet seat). Turns out the video hit over 20K views in just a couple months! Who's ready to "score one for your bum...and your wallet!" 
Crikey! Bidetmate is back! With another video speaking to our female audience here in the U.S. and how it's so much more effective than that lousy ol' TP. Check it out now! Unless you have to you know...go. 
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